A guide to the EFA community.

Culture is a set of shared values that determine how EFA operates. Everyone on our team is responsible for maintaining our values as the best cultures derive from actions we take.


Engage in Genuine Altruism

Helping others is a serious responsibility and privilege. Very few people have the opportunity to change someone else's life. But modern society has turned volunteering into a checklist of requirements.

At EFA, we extend our hearts and efforts to helping those who are less fortunate. We are not here for selfish desires to pad our resumes or attain personal glory. Being able to create real change in someone else's life is more than enough.

Nurture Non-Complacency

"To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities." - Bruce Lee

EFA started when high school students realized their efforts can change the status quo. Although it may be difficult – fighting against complacency meanings fighting for change.

If you see something that can be improved, act on it; if you believe in an idea, advocate for it.

Mistakes are often stigmatized and we are conditioned to avoid them. As students, it's better to make a mistake and learn from it than to never make that mistake at all. So point out opportunities and mistakes, even if they come from the executive team. You will only be thanked for your contributions.

Decision-Making Process: The British Monarchy 👑

The Queen can do whatever she wants: declare war on France, seize the Commonwealth economy, or declare herself the ruler of the world (oh wait...). However, she restrains herself because good leaders don't need hierarchical power.

Similarly, if a leader at EFA cannot convince fellow volunteers to buy-in and must rely on their hierarchical power to make team decisions, they don't deserve that power in the first place. Instead, leaders should use empathetic but efficient debate to make decisions.