Our mission is to help ESL students overcome cultural and language barriers by delivering engaging lessons, providing mental support, and creating a sense of community.

The Problem

Since roughly 41% of Canadians are first- or second-generation immigrants, the Canadian government provides special ESL (English as Second Language) classes for students. While ESL is supposed to help immigrants transition into Canadian culture, many students struggle in the poorly-designed program.

In a Glance

Flaws within current system

Lack of Experienced Teachers

The majority of ESL teachers have no experience learning English as a second language and don't understand the struggles one might face. The lack of empathy further hinders ESL learning when teachers teach English in traditional methods.

Cultural Difference

As a newcomer to the country, ESL students take a long time to adapt to the native culture. Without transitioning into the local society, ESL students can feel powerless when facing personal and academic difficulties.


EFA (Education For All Foundation) is a non-profit organization that strives to utilize education to break the poverty cycle. Our team understands learning English as a second language and knows the struggles faced by ESL students. We will develop a curriculum that covers the requirements of each particular ESL level and includes cultural references, local terminologies, and living experiences that are missing in textbooks.

Along with our profoundly developed curriculum, lessons will be conducted by peer teachers. Studies have shown that peer tutoring is much more effective compared to the traditional way when prosecuted correctly. Our trained peer tutors will not only be able to deliver the knowledge to the students, but also create strong personal connections. Henceforth, creating an inclusive learning environment where students can solidify, progress, and achieve a higher English proficiency. By the end of the course, this experience would equip students with the right skills to be more successful.

Focus Group

To gain insight and to testify to the program, we would like to form a focus group. We are looking for people who are currently in ESL, who will be willing to spend approximately 2 hours bi-weekly. We will be doing some demo lessons and collect feedback on the lessons with some other general data collections. If you are in ESL and would like to help make a change in the current system, please reach back to us! It is with everyone's power in the community that makes a difference! Please contact us at [email protected]